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A teacher can help a student with constructing papers, essays, and creative writing assignments. The teacher can provide feedback on the learner's workings and assist them correct and revise their writing.

Questions about Private English Writing Tutors in Sarasota


What type of tutoring background do your writing tutors have?

Grade Potential tutors have several years of experience with managing teaching programs for English writing.

They’re committed to teaching students express their creativity through stories, poems, essays and more. Our educators have experience with teaching elementary, middle school, secondary and post-secondary learners.

All of our 1:1 tutors have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities, English, Liberal Arts, or and adjacent discipline. Some have a College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certification. Others have many years of tutoring experience with educational writing, ESOL, EFL, and ESL.


How do I begin with an in-home English writing tutor from Grade Potential?

To sign up with a private English tutor from Grade Potential all you have to do is call us at the number listed on this page or respond via the form below.

Speak to one of our accredited staff about your educational objectives. Do you like to write the next hit American novel? Produce an engaging college application? Write improved research assignments? Or just improve your test prep skills?


How does one-on-one [[tutoring|tutoring service]501] with Grade Potential differ from regular in-school English classes?

Unlike the traditional classroom setting, our tutoring support is individualized and can be done in-home or online. Each lesson is delivered at the learners chosen place or virtually so they can ask questions and get guidance in a comfortable environment.

Grade Potential tutors make individualized session plans, worksheets, and writing tasks to help learners hone their writing capabilities in a secure, judgment-free environment. Prior to starting sessions, they also evaluate the student’s age, learning style, and present writing proficiency.

Then they will give customized, 1:1 writing assistance to keep the student engaged and focused as they study.


Are your writing tutors native English speakers?

Yes, every tutor are native speaking or bilingual and are experienced at teaching learners on how to make clear, reasoned prose.

Let Grade Potential find the best writing tutor near you!

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